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A.  Schedule Through August 2016
BHistory of Catholic Debate Camp

A.   SCHEDULE, as of November 18, for SEPTEMBER 2015 through AUGUST 2016

September 22 to 25, 2015
Look for us at the Philadelphia Papal Pavilion, Hall C, 1214. We will be part of the booth of the Caterina Benincasa MonastSistersery, OP. Say hello to our dear friends Dominican Sisters Emmanuella, Mary Columba and Mary Grace!



September 29, Tuesday, 2:50 to 4:20 pm.
West Catholic Prep Speech and Debate Club
Rm 215
Dr Arminio is installed as coach and oversees the revival of forensics at West Catholic!
(Catholic Debate Camp provided the inspiration for the new West Catholic Club. It is not the sponsor of the club, however.)

October 10, Saturday, 1 to 4 pm
Table at the Diocese of Wilmington Marian Pilgrimage
Holy Spirit Church
12 Winder Rd
New Castle, DE

November 12, Thursday, 4 to 5 pm.
Inaugural Skype Session
West Catholic Prep Debate Club

November 21, Saturday, 8:30 am to 5 pm.
Penn For Youth Tournament
University of Penn
West Catholic Prep will compete in its first event!

January, February and March 2016
90 minute sessions, once or twice a week.
Online Debate Camp
High School Students welcome!

January, February, March, April 2016
Model Congress
Students invited to tackle federal debt and render vital public service.
Versions for High School and College.
See www.catholicmodelcongress.com.

June 26, Sunday, to July 1, Friday, 2016
Five Day Overnight Debate Camp
Villanova University
High school students welcome!
Dormitories for overnight students, provision for commuters.

July 24, Sunday to July 29, Friday, 2016
Five Day Overnight Debate Camp
Catholic University of America
Washington, DC
High school students welcome!
Dormitories for overnight students, provision for commuters.

August 1, Monday, to August 5, Friday, 2016
Five Day Commuter Debate Camp
Salesianum School
Wilmington, Delaware
High school students welcome!

August 8, Monday, to August 12, Friday, 2016
Five Day Commuter Debate Camp
West Catholic Prep
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
High school students welcome!

B.   HISTORY      

Both the Wilmington and Philadelphia August camps were successful!

Catholic Debate Camp held at West Catholic Prep, Aug 11-13, has offspring: the new West Catholic Prep Debate Club started September 18!

Much gratitude is owed The Dialog, official newspaper of the Diocese of Wilmington, sundry diocesan Churches, faculty of West Catholic Prep, staff of Salesianum, various donors including the Fusco Foundation and major allies on twitter, for their support and promotion of Catholic Debate Camp!

What follows is now history–wonderful memories and a springboard of much good to come. …

Our inaugural debate camp, for those entering grades 9 through 12, or recent high school graduates, will be held Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, August 5-7, 2015, at …

1801 North Broom St, Wilmington, DE 19802

A second debate camp for those entering grades 9 through 12, and recent high school graduates, will be held Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, August 11-13, 2015, at …

4501 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19139.

Quicken Your Faith!
Emerge A Leader!!
Sharpen Your Thinking!!!

 Make Those Colleges Take Notice!!!!**
(see footnote below)

Daily registration commences at 9:30 am; the day’s activities end at 5:15 pm. Each day will feature more than six hours of teaching, divided among lectures, practice and debating. (Parents are welcome to attend.)

This promises to be a spectacular experience! Vital persuasion skills will be imparted in approximately 40% of the total camp experience, stimulating policy briefs that will anticipate debates will make time fly in about 15% of the camp and three full-scale debates will see you soar in the remaining time. The first of these features domestic policy. The second of these involves foreign policy. The capstone of the camp is a simulation of Congress. Take your seat in the US House of Representatives!

     Seize the moment: fix what ails the country!

Look at all the things you will have achieved by end of camp. By then you should be able to, relatively speaking, (a) sway an audience in a responsible manner (via organization of truths and appropriate delivery), (b) know your way round a contested issue, (c) grasp deeper things about the workings of government and economy, (d) speak intelligibly about all sorts of public policies, including intriguing Catholic solutions that a great many more adults need to learn about, (e) appreciate far better the liberal or conservative point of view and (f) enjoy a deeper appreciation of the Faith. And you might just find yourself sharing the Gospel as never before.

Eight students will be admitted to each camp. The opportunity is a very significant one; our Senior Instructor, Dr Joseph Arminio, will be directly involved with all the participants throughout each day.

The total cost of both camps are $450 per student.

Full scholarships thanks to the kindness of a West Catholic High benefactor have been provided for all eight West Catholic High spots. This camp is only open to West Catholic High students and recent graduates. The first eight who apply will be admitted.

Partial scholarships are available for some spots at the Salesianum camp. The Anthony and Catherine Fusco Foundation are among those who have graciously underwritten the Salesianum camp.

There is a $50 referral fee in regard to the Salesianum camp. For every additional debater that a registered, non-scholarship debater brings to the camp, the latter receives a discount of $50.

Certain conditions and terms govern registration (and payment, if applicable).

In order to register, please complete a two-step registration. First, go to the Camp Registration Page. After you have supplied us with the very limited
information requested, we will send you a password. Now, go to Camp Registration2 Page, enter via the password and complete this very short process.

See you in August!



** Certificates will be awarded at the end of the camp. They could be included in any college application or provided an employer, for that matter.