The Society of Statesmen welcomes established and aspiring leaders alike.

A 501(c)3, tax-exempt and non-partisan, education institute, we provide instruction in public policy, history, philosophy, oratory and debate.*

Debate camps are being held in August in Philadelphia and Wilmington, Delaware.

To sign up for a camp, complete CAMP APPLICATION first. Thereafter, we will send you the password to the Camp Registration Page; and you can take the final step. See you in August!

Those leaders we most revere include Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Dominican Founder St Dominic. Experienced leaders are sought who wish to mentor and coach American youth. And those who dream dreams of one day shaping policy or rising up as captains of industry will find that our courses of study are at once practical, compact and not the usual fare.

The Society of Statesmen takes a far longer view of history and makes a far greater use of original sources, than commonly found elsewhere. Because leadership also requires good men and women speaking well, we teach Classical Rhetoric or oratory instruction of the type Lincoln and the Founding Fathers learnt, not today’s typical Communications Course.

We offer the major competing views, liberal, conservative and that of Catholic Social Teaching. Catholic leadership training is our foremost concern but patriots of all persuasions will nonetheless find it worthwhile to join the Society whether in some senior capacity or as students.

Programs are offered for those in high school and college, and for adults.

Scholarships are available.


…. The painting seen above, that of Peter Rothermil, depicts Patrick Henry in the Virginia House of Burgesses in 1765.


* … The Society of Statesmen is an independent organization; and although it does collaborate with other organizations or individuals, from time to time, it does not necessarily endorse the positions, nor the practices, of these other organizations or individuals.





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